Tuesday, 21 February 2017



INTRODUCTION: many Christians are frustrated, defeated and fruitless. Many are wallowing in spiritual poverty unaware of the great resources of God available to them. But the wonderful truth is that every Christian has the potential to live supernaturally. The key is God the Holy Spirit. He is the supreme in revival, evangelism and every Christian endeavor. Today we shall begin to study about Him from John 14:16-18.

(1) ANOTHER COMFORTER IMPLIES THERE WAS AN ORIGINAL COMFORTER: The original Comforter was Jesus Christ. He was the “consolation of Israel”. He was the Day Star, the Sun of Righteousness bringing light into darkness and shadows of death. He brought comfort to wherever He went. Whether at the rich Jairus’ house, the widow of Nain on the road to the cemetery of the poor beggar by the wayside. Those who came to Him went home comforted: be it a leper a penniless woman bleeding to death or a “dog” with a demon possessed daughter. Now, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ. No wonder He is “another Comforter”, of the same type, not different in any way. Luke 2:25, II Pet.1:19, II Cor.4:4,6, Psalm.84:11, Isa.9:2, John 1:9, Isa.42:6, Luke 2:28-32, Isa.60:20, John 14:17, 15:26, Romans 8:9.

(2) THE HOLY SPIRIT IS ALSO AN INSTRUCTOR, TEACHER, MONITOR, and ADVOCATE: The word translated “Comforter” also means instructor, Teacher, Monitor, and Advocate. Jesus was the teacher, the instructor. They called Him Rabbi but those who had revelation knowledge knew Him as Rabboni, the instructor of Rabbis. No wonder He promised not another Pope or Archbishop but another Teacher, an Instructor in the mysteries of God revealing the deep meanings of the word of God. With Him to instruct you, you do not need the enticing words of human wisdom.
A monitor is a sort of overseer, watching over you, leading you, guiding you and assisting you when need be. So is the Holy Spirit. An advocate pleads for or against a person. The Holy Spirit pleads against a dead conscience convicting a sinner of his sins but pleads for the saint with a grooming that cannot be uttered. He is a loving Comforter, faithful, wise and true. Surely you need Him now. Matt.23:7-8, John 20:16, John 7:46, Isaiah 58:11, John 16:12-14, Romans 8:26, John 4:24, I John 4:8, I Cor.3:19-20, 24, James 3:17, Col.1:19